Acupuncture & Moxibustion

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help relieve symptoms and treat deeper causative factors.


Kelly Kaeding’s practice is based on a classical Japanese style acupuncture, which focuses on strengthening deficient Qi, releasing tension and balancing the body. This style is gentle—a very fine needle just touches the surface of the skin or is inserted at acupoints on the skin very shallowly (about 1-2 mm).

Acupuncture improves energy and blood circulation and hence the functioning of muscular-skeletal and organ systems is enhanced. From digestive complaints, allergies, and carpal tunnel syndrome to anxiety, depression, and stress, acupuncture can help the body heal naturally.

Acupuncture even provides an excellent alternative to hormone replacement therapy to smooth the transition through menopause.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used for literally thousands of years because it works. In Chinese medicine, plants, minerals and animal parts are used. Here in the U.S. most practitioners primarily use plants and minerals. Animal parts are rarely used. The flower, fruit, leaf, stem and root can be used medicinally.

A combination of herbs is used to make a balanced formula which can be taken in the form of a decoction (boiled), powdered (just add water) or tablets.

Herbs can be used for acute or chronic conditions, constitutionally to maintain health or used preventatively for seasonal conditions.

Acupuncture, moxibustion & Chinese herbal medicine can treat:

Common Colds, Flu, Bronchitis & Cough
Digestive Issues
Allergies & Sinus Problems
Chronic Pain & Tendonitis
Back, Shoulder, & Neck Pain
Work & Sports Injuries
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Arthritis & Joint Pain
PMS & Menstrual Problems
Menopausal Symptoms
Depression & Anxiety
Headaches & Migraines
Eczema and other Skin Conditions
Cystic Fibrosis
Multiple Sclerosis
And so on…


After three long weeks of lower rib pain from a previous injury, plenty of over the counter Aleve medication and little relief from chronic pain, I reluctantly agreed to try the acupuncture treatments suggested by my daughters. At 62 years of age I missed my three to four mile jogs and twice a week strength training activities that had become casualties as I attempted to reduce my discomfort.

I had never before tried acupuncture and was skeptical it would do any good. After four treatments over 11 days, with each visit reducing my lower rib pain, I am now completely pain free and ready to restart my exercise program. A side note to this that I had not anticipated was that each visit was like a spa treatment; calm, relaxing and pain free as Kelly adjusts each point to one’s comfort level.


South Burlington, Vermont


In the past three months of receiving acupuncture, I have seen drastic improvement in the management of my chronic middle and lower back pain. I have found acupuncture to be the single most effective means of releasing deep muscle tension and alleviating pain.

While my lower back pain is related to disc herniation, the effects of acupuncture treatment help keep the tension and pain at a manageable level. My middle back tension and pain are related to chronic coughing due to cystic fibrosis. I have had significant improvements in my lung functioning since I have started receiving acupuncture treatment.


Vergennes, Vermont


The three acupuncture treatments I received from Kelly greatly helped to reduce the pain in my wrists from tendonitis. The inflammation went down and I’ve been pain-free since the treatments three years ago. Kelly’s approach is gentle and informative as well as confident and experienced. I won’t hesitate to employ her services again should the need arise.

Diana Doll


Burlington, Vermont


I had a problem with sciatica and experienced an almost constant dull ache in my hip which was exacerbated by sitting in one position for any period of time. After three acupuncture treatments with Kelly, I was completely cured. I haven’t had any recurrence in the past two years and sciatic pain is only a distant memory.

Shirley McAdam

Burlington, Vermont