Acupuncture Plus & Acupuncture Delux

I have a lot of modalities to choose from and I love doing all the extra fun stuff – Zero Balancing (ZB), moxa, cupping, gua sha.

Adding 15 or 30 minutes to a session allows me time to do some ZB or running cupping on your back, or whatever you need.needling 2

Acupuncture                          $85      50-60 minutes

Zero Balancing                       $85      30 minutes

Acupuncture Plus*                 $105    65-75 minutesmoxibustion-therapy

Acupuncture Delux**             $125    80-90 minutes

Acupuncture Double               $145    95-105 minutes

(front + back Acu)


*Acupuncture Plus sessions add 10-15 minutes (65-75 minutes)

Mini ZB + Acu

Acu + cupping or moxa or gua sha / tui na bodywork


**Acupuncture Delux sessions add 20-30 minutes (80-90 minutes)

Full ZB + Acu

Mini ZB + Acu + cupping or moxa or gua sha / tui na bodywork


Book online – via email at – or phone 802-951-8815.


Chinese Herbal Medicine

Assessment for prescribing customized Chinese herbal formulas is included with acupuncture series of 3 or more sessions. Herbal 5elemnt2-croppedformulas are extra and are typically $25-35 per week.



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