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Okra and Onions sauteed with Spices and Tomato

Masala Bhindi I cannot think of anything I would rather do with okra than make this. If I get eggplant from my CSA, look out! Kelly is making Indian food all weekend. I posted this receipt over 10 years ago and it’s still true. Get the spices measured out and ready, then Heat: 2 T […]

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Belamcanda chinensis, She Gan

aka Leonard Lily and Blackberry Lily Belamcanda is bitter & cold and enters the Lungs. It clears heat and transforms phlegm. It is used for coughs and wheezing with phlegm obstruction, and for sore throat with swelling and painful obstruction in the throat. It breaks up clumps to drain heat. This is only used short […]

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September Supplement Sale

Tomorrow until September 14, I’m offering 20% off on all supplements in my Fullscript dispensary. You will have access to the whole catalog, and you can check out my Favorites. Fullscript ships fast, stocks professional-grade trusted products, and ensures your supplements are safe and effective. Make sure you sign up for your free account to […]

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Pharaoh Lake Wilderness

I just got back from a spectacular backpacking trip at Pharaoh Lake in New York. The lake is the largest undeveloped lake in NY and is just 2 hours away. While I heard it rained all weekend here in Burlington (except during Art Hop Friday night), we had perfect weather. Thundershowers only a night. We […]

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Magnolia Flower – Xin Yi Hua

Magnolia Flower bud – Xin Yi Hua – Flos Magnoliae Liliflorae properties: acrid, slightly warm channels entered: Lung Expels wind and opens the nasal passages: used for nasal obstruction or congestion, sinus problems, and related headaches. My Magnolia flowers just opened up today! Note: there are over 100 Magnolia varieties, and many don’t grow this […]

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Happy Spring

Acupuncture treatment is great this time of year to help get the Qi flowing. Spring is the time when yang Qi rises up, but it can get stuck along the way, leading to irritability, depression or even rage, joint pain, digestive issues, allergies and more. Exercise, eating clean, Chinese herbal formulas or nettles tea can […]

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Kuan Dong Hua – Coltsfoot

Kuan Dong Hua – Flos Tussilago farfara – Coltsfoot properties: acrid warm channels entered: Lung Redirects the Qi downward and stops cough: used commonly for cough and wheezing from many different etiologies. Use with caution for any cough with a Heat condition.   I was hiking near Camel’s Hump the other day and found lots […]

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Year of the Cat – Happy Chinese New Year 2023

It’s been wild ride these past few years – punctuated by the powerful yang energy of the year of the Tiger 2022. We are now sliding into the mellow yin energy of the water Rabbit, or as they say in Vietnam, the Year of the Cat. Since I spent some years in Vietnam, I got […]

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Xlear Nasal Spray available at Walgreens

I was at my local Walgreens checking out the nasal sprays and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Xlear nasal spray I mentioned in my recent newsletter Cold Season Medicine Cabinet. Xlear Nasal Spray is a strong natural antimicrobial with grapefruit seed extract – great for occasional use for exposure or for sinusitis. Always […]

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Turkey Liver Pate with Cranberries

Don’t throw away the Liver! Organ meat from pastured and wild animals is known to be some of the most healthful parts. Liver is a super-food. Liver contains significantly more vitamin A, all the Bs, iron… SIGNIFICANTLY more. You don’t need to eat a lot to get the value. Yet so many people, like me, […]

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