Cinnamon Twig Formula

Cinnamon Twig Formula, Gui Zhi Tang, is a commonly used formula that is useful for the very initial stages of a cold or flu when there may be mild symptoms such as sneezing, aversion to cold and wind, mild sweating, feeling feverish, lack of thirst or headache. It treats exterior wind cold and harmonizes the nutritive and defensive Qi. Most of the herbs in the formula help the digestion (fresh ginger, dates, licorice, and also cinnamon twig and white peony root), while a couple harmonize the surface (cinnamon twig and white peony root). It’s made up of mostly food type herbs, and is pretty yummy for a Chinese medicine formula.

To take the formula, prepare the herbs with hot water and drink, followed by a warm bowl of porridge.  Wrap yourself up with some blankets until you have a slight sweat. At that time, change into warm dry clothes and discontinue the herbs.

Once the cold/flu goes deeper and there are symptoms such as sore throat, thirst, high fever, cough, different formulas are appropriate.

Cinnamon Twig formula is not just for colds with sneezing, it can be used as a base formula for many conditions, including emotional vulnerability, palpitations, abdominal pain, joint pain, cold hands and feet, hot flashes, when the pattern fits.

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