Gretchen Hidell

headshot_gretchen_smallGretchen Hidell: Intuitive Astrologer, NLP Life Coach, Hypnotist, & Reiki Master

Gretchen has worked with me in my office for, wow, 10 years. If you haven’t had an astrology reading with her, it might be time. Gretchen is just fabulous.

Introducing, Gretchen Hidell:
Make personal discoveries which lead to self-empowerment & healing. Allow me to guide you through the exploration of your Soul’s Blueprint. Release patterns, gain knowledge, and reconnect with your own beautiful Spirit!! I have been studying the art of Astrology for 35+ years now! Both my mother & grandmother had interest in the subject and my mother started buying me Dell Astrology Books when I was just 12yrs old. Since then, I’ve been reading Astrological Charts for friends & family throughout my life. I have many types of Astrology charts to choose from and several styles of Readings.

In addition to my extensive knowledge in Astrology, I also use my Intuition and Physical Mediumship abilities. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, & clairsentient – meaning I see, hear, and feel energy. I will often have “visions” about missing person cases, medical issues, and remote viewing – using these skills to expertly guide you. Being a psychical medium means that I assist people in connecting with deceased loved ones. After a person (or pet) has passed away, very often our conversations with them feel very one-sided. I love connecting people to remind them that the veil between worlds is actually very thin.

Many times during a Reading, there will be a pattern that will be discovered in a person’s life that may not be serving them. Unlike a lot of other traditional Astrologers or Psychics, I have additional training & certifications to guide you through your own healing experiences. NLP Life Coaching , EFT, and Therapeutic Hypnosis are wonderful tools to help someone break old habits, overcome phobias, have better relationships, achieve increased confidence, master public speaking, etc.

The body wants to heal! Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. As a certified Reiki Master, I will work with you to assist your body to return it to it’s own natural state of balance & well-being. I am certified in Usui (traditional Japanese), Sechiem (Egyptian) Reiki, and Chakra Clearing.

Call me for more information!
“Readings that Run Deep”
Call/Text: (802)-999-4677
Facebook Page: AstrologyUpdatesbyGretchenHidell

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