I had COVID (better than a booster)

FAE41808-7B41-47D2-AD38-C7F5B7687FF5_1_105_cMy whole family had COVID last month. We are grateful that it was so mild. Also grateful that I had many treatment options at my fingertips. I have been keeping up with what medical doctors and NDs have been doing to treat COVID, as well as continuing to study Chinese medicine, so I felt pretty ready when it hit. Here are some of the things we did.

When my son was sick (testing positive for COVID 2 days later, when he was feeling better) I started doing nasal rinsing and gargling to reduce the viral load. We had all been taking Vit C, D and zinc regularly but upped the dose. We also took Quercetin and NAC and, of course, Chinese herbal medicine.

So speaking of fear… I’m hoping to relieve a little fear, if you were worried about coming to see me. Having recently had COVID is the best booster out there. Natural immunity, at this point, is certainly better than a booster based on a 2 year old variant. The chances are slim that once you’ve had it that you can catch it again, at least until it mutates a few times. Some do get it again, but it is rare, and more common in people with deficient constitutions.

Not that I want you all to get it, but if you do, I hope you got the mild version like we did (headache, fever, fatigue, dry throat). And let me know if you would like some support with supplements and herbs. Telehealth appointments are an option.

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