Important Intake Questions for COVID-19 and/or Flu

Here is a list of symptoms that I will want to know if you (my current client) are looking for treatment for COVID-19 or a serious cold/flu:

What symptoms came on at the beginning of this?

What symptoms are present now?

Body temperature – Do you feel hot or cold, or both alternating? Do you feel feverish, hot, flushed? What time of day? Do you have a fever?

Perspiration – What is your sweat like normally? Have you sweat since you have been sick?

Cough – What kind of cough – dry or productive? What color is the phlegm? Is it watery or thick? Is there a tickle in your throat? Or a barking cough? How often is the cough? Is it worse with lying down?

Breathing and chest – Are you having trouble inhaling? Taking deep breaths? Is it worse with cold air? (you can stick your head in the freezer to check)

Is your chest tight? Is there pressure in your chest? Worse with lying down?

Nose, sinuses, head – How are your sinuses and nose? Stuffy? Sinus pressure or headache? Where? Post nasal drip? Runny nose? Sneezing?

Digestion – How are your bowel movements? Any other digestive symptoms? Let me know if any of these are new symptoms.

Energy & sleep – tell me about your energy levels and sleep.

Emotions – how are you doing emotionally? What is coming up for you now?

Add anything else about your current state of health that you can share.

Is there anything about your general state of health that you would like to share or remind me of?

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