Indonesian Greens in Peanut Oil with Garlic

Foodie extraordinaire, Nancy shared this recipe with me.

It literally takes a couple minutes to make and is uniquely delicious. I make this dish last, just as everything else is being put on the table.

The key is to keep the heat quite high and braise the garlic then the greens quickly, stirring periodically.


1 small nappa cabbage, sliced (bok choy or green cabbage can be substituted)

1-3 chilies, sliced (optional)

4-6 cloves garlic, crushed & quartered


heat in wok (high heat):

3 T peanut oil

when hot add garlic and chili

stir to cook on all sides, but don’t brown


add the greens

add ¾ t kosher salt

stir until wilted.

serve immediately!

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