Meal Planning for Nourishing Winter Cleanse

Meal planning

On the weekend cook extra so you will have plenty in the fridge for lunch or dinner for the upcoming week. Here is an outline of what

Roast chicken or Lamb

Use bones to make bone broth

Roasted mixed vegetables and/or roasted sweet potatoes

Boiled beets

Big cabbage salad

Soup, stew or chili


Warm water with or without lemon or lime (not for breakfast but first thing in the morning)

Bone broth

Miso soup with bone broth

Not cold smoothie

Left-over dinner

Eggs and veg

If having grains, consider steel cut oatmeal with a pat of ghee, sea salt and 2 eggs over easy.

Lunch (or dinner) – quick meals

Soup or stew

Stir-fried ginger mushroom kale with sweet potatoes and chicken or eggs

Left-over dinner


Apple, pear, celery or carrot with almond butter

Seaweed, toasted

Nuts (Almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts) and dried figs, prunes, apricots

Pepperoni and olives

Bone broth


Fish 2 x weekly

Poultry 2 x weekly

Lamb 1-2 x weekly

Grass fed beef 1-2 x weekly

With a big portion of green veggies, some root vegetables and a spoonful of lacto-fermented vegetables.

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