The Magical Mystery Soar part 2 – the Green Laughing Dragon

This is the year of the yang wood dragon. The wood element is related to spring and the sprouting up and opening of new life (yang). Green is the color that symbolizes spring and wood, which is considered the beginning of the 5 element cycle.

I love the image of the green laughing dragon –  expansive + bright + joyous like an exuberant child. Inquisitive. Testing boundaries. Exploring. Like toddlers or teens expanding their worlds.

Young dragons are not self-conscious, even though they can be clumsy and do not know their own strength. Be like a green dragon. Don’t take yourself (or others) too seriously, laugh it off, and focus on the positive things about yourself.

Use this year as an opportunity to about learn more about yourself. Love who you are now. Accept the gifts your body and mind have given you thus far. Let go of the rest. You are already awesome!

Now is a great time to think about some affirmations that you can say to start replacing negative self talk. You can write one or many. Say and visualize them daily or even hourly.

This will help you get your footing and feel grounded as you fine tune your direction.

Take a chance. Relax and ride the dragon.

This is part two of the Magical Mystery Soar 2024 series. I’ll be sending daily(ish) short articles about the Year of the Dragon over the next week or so.

This post was inspired by a conversation on the podcast for acupuncturists: Qiological – episode 342 – Laughter of the Universe with Gregory Done.

Next up is the Free and Easy Wanderer.

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