You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter, by Dr. Joe Dispenza

41fZxg9oDiL._AA160_Zen and Taoist meditators have known this secret for centuries, even millennia. This book does a great job explaining the effect of meditation on the brain and how genes are turned on and off. Dr. Dispenza explains how thought can change the brain and body. He uses several case examples and studies to illustrate how open we really are to suggestion.

Through Zen meditation, you can bring yourself to a brain-wave state that can enhance suggestibility, which is key to implementing Dr. Dispenza’s idea. By being open and completely in the present moment, you can change your beliefs and perceptions. Dr. Dispenza’s meditation CD guides you through each part of the meditation. The last part requires a little homework: you can decide for yourself what you want to focus on changing.

“Epigenetics teaches that we, indeed, are not doomed by our genes and that a change in human consciousness can produce physical changes, both in structure and function, in the human body. We can modify our genetic destiny by turning on the genes we want and turning off the ones we don’t want through working with the various factors in the environment that program our genes. Some of those signal comes from within the body, such as feelings and thoughts, while others come from the body’s response to external environment, such as pollution or sunlight.”

Here are a couple more quotes from the book:

“[T]he whole cascade of events starts with the signal outside of the cell, which is, in fact, responsible for what genes within its library the cell chooses to read. That signal, as we now know, includes thoughts, choices, behaviors, experiences, and feelings. So it makes sense that if you can change these elements you can also determine your genetic expression.”

“If you mentally rehearse that unknown future with a clear intention and an elevated emotion, and do it repeatedly, then based on what you’ve learned, you should have real neuroplastic changes in your brain and epigenetic changes in your body.”

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