Zero Balancing, Acupuncture, Physics and Delux Treatments

I have been doing Zero Balancing for about 12 years and certified for nearly 10. Have you heard me talk about it? It is amazing stuff, and I want to share it with you. See below about my Delux treatment.

Zero Balancing works on the level of the bones, ligaments, tendons and fascia. All of these tissues are primarily made up of collagen, which is know to be bio-conductive, i.e. energy can be transferred through these tissues. In Zero Balancing I can feel where there is more held energy or denseness in the bones and tissues. By creating a fulcrum with my hands (light to medium pressure held for a few seconds at at time) the held energy at that spot is able to be released and dispersed to be used in other parts of the body. In physics this phenomenon is known as the piezoelectric effect. An example of this is when you press the button to ignite the grill – friction on a crystalline structure creates a spark. In the body, the bone (and also fascia, ligaments and tendons) is the crystalline structure and the spark is the Qi which can move along the bone or perhaps the fascia.

Fascia is super interesting stuff that is ubiquitous in the body, but lots of people don’t know what it is. Did you ever notice the super thin clearish-white shiny tissue later that separates the muscles in a chicken leg? That’s fascia. It is under our skin, around all of the muscles, separates compartments in our body, wraps all of our organs and are spine. It connects everything inside of us. It has been purposed that fascia is the explanation for how acupuncture works – it is like a fiber optic system in our body where Qi runs through creating channels of communication. Cool, huh?

Zero Balancing can be thought of as structural acupressure. Imagine every time I touch a spot with too much held energy, that energy is released to become available somewhere else in your body and it moves through your body’s fiber optic communication system.

The sessions are v e r y  r e l a x i n g. You lie on the table fully dressed; I use a combination of fulcrums (structural acupressure, if you will) and traction to free up your Qi.

Some of my acupuncture clients have become Zero Balancing converts – or at least they now have a hard time deciding between acupuncture and Zero Balancing (ZB). If you haven’t tried it, I recommend considering trying a full ZB session.

Delux treatments

But you don’t have to decide, you can have both ZB and acupuncture together. My Delux treatment is a Mini ZB (15-20 minutes) plus a full acupuncture session (75 minutes total) for $125.




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