Makes about 30.

I like to make two versions of these delicious healthy rolls, both are equally popular: the Traditional Pork and Shrimp and the sweet and tangy Mango Jicama. Make sure you give yourself lots of time for rolling, or invite your friends to help.


Boil, strain and let cool 1 package of Asian vermicelli.

1/4 pound pork tenderloin

rub with 1 t each kosher salt and sugar, let stand 20 minutes or more and grill on low.

Alternatively, buy some Chinese BBQ pork if you can find it.

1/4 pound of shrimp – quickly boil till pink, peel and cut in half lengthwise.

Wash 1 bunch of spearmint, pat dry with dish cloth.

2 mangoes and 1 jicama – peel and either julienne or use a mandolin to slice into long thin slices.


Pour some hot water in a pie plate and soak one rice paper at a time until it softens (about 30 seconds). You can leave rice paper in to soak while you are rolling another one. Take it out and allow excess water to drip back into the pie plate. Lay the wet rice paper out on a plate and neatly layer 3 or so mint leaves, some noodles and either mango and jicama or shrimp and pork in the lower third of the rice paper. Make the pile of fillings approximately 1 x 3 inches. Fold the bottom of the paper over the veggies and make the little package snug. Fold the two sides in (making 90-degree corners) and roll it up. Add hot water to the pie plate when the water gets cold and keep rolling. Put wax paper between layers so they don’t stick together.

Eat as you go or store covered with damp dish cloth until ready to eat.

Serve at room temperature with Hoisin Dipping Sauce.

Shopping list

1 or 2 packages rice paper

1 package vermicelli

1/4 lb shrimp

1/4 lb pork tenderloin or Chinese BBQ pork

2 bunches spearmint

2 big or 2 sm mangoes

1 med jicama

wax paper

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