Happy Spring


Acupuncture treatment is great this time of year to help get the Qi flowing. Spring is the time when yang Qi rises up, but it can get stuck along the way, leading to irritability, depression or even rage, joint pain, digestive issues, allergies and more. Exercise, eating clean, Chinese herbal formulas or nettles tea can be helpful. Acupuncture is an option for helping to un-constrain your Qi and tune up your system.

If you are not up for needles or just want to try something different to get your Qi flowing, Zero Balancing is an awesome option. I’ve been getting great feedback from patients, who are experiencing wonderful results with pain relief, headaches, relaxation and more.

Available Services & Rates:

$85 acupuncture 60 minutes

$105 acupuncture + ZB 70 minutes

$125 acupuncture + ZB 80 minutes

$85 Zero Balancing 30 minutes

$105 Zero Balancing 45 minutes

$85 herbal consultation 30 minutes (existing patients)

$45 herbal consultation 15 minutes (existing patients)

See my online scheduler to see more services and rates.


Look out for my brand new Vermont Acupuncture & Wellness Instagram page. I will be sharing the beautiful herbs I am growing as they blossom – the Magnolia is about to burst, and some that I find in nature – like this Coltsfoot.EBCB822D-23E1-4EFE-B5CA-746F18F1014C_1_105_c

I’ll be in touch soon. I have so much to say – about health and nutrition – about growing and grinding Chinese herbs – about Acupuncture – Zero Balancing – Classical Herbal Formulas.

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be well


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