Kuan Dong Hua – Coltsfoot

Kuan Dong HuaEBCB822D-23E1-4EFE-B5CA-746F18F1014C_1_105_c – Flos Tussilago farfara – Coltsfoot

properties: acrid warm

channels entered: Lung

Redirects the Qi downward and stops cough: used commonly for cough and wheezing from many different etiologies.

Use with caution for any cough with a Heat condition.C0B73F4A-9709-4CDD-9DD5-FEC74F0565CE_1_105_c


I was hiking near Camel’s Hump the other day and found lots of Coltsfoot growing in the ditch along the dirt road, amongst gravel and not far from the river. One of the earliest spring herbs – April – found in ditches along dirt roads and trails.

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