This takes no time at all, chuck all this stuff in a food processor:

2-3 cloves garlic

3-4 cups basil (about 1 basil plant), picked and washed

½ cup walnuts or cashews

¼-1/2 cup parsley

½ cup good olive oil

3/4 t salt

Push go and process until everything is a paste. It necessary, stop and scrape down the sides. If it is not blending enough, add more olive oil.

I use a mini food processor and this just about fills it up. This recipe yields about a half pint. If you are using a regular sized food processor you can double this recipe.

I like to add the parsley because it supposedly keeps the pesto green, not to mention it has lots of vitamins and minerals.

I don’t usually add parmesan cheese to the pesto but I add it when I serve it if I am in the mood.

Pine nuts are so expensive and I usually have cashew and/or walnuts in the house so I like using those.

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