Welcome Page & Forms

Telemedicine video appointment information and forms:

Please fill out intake forms. You can either print the forms below and mail or email (not secure) them to me. Alternatively, you can fill out intake forms online and you can find the link in the Telemedicine Welcome page.

Before your first in-person appointment:

Please print out the below forms, fill them out and bring them with you to our first appointment – or for online telemedicine sessions you can put them in the mail to me, or email (not secure).

Alternatively, come at least 15 minutes before our scheduled time to fill out the intake forms in my office – just let me know beforehand so that I can leave the paperwork out for you.

The Welcome Page contains important information such as what to wear, location and parking, fees and cancellation policies.

The consent form (last page of Intake Forms) refers to four documents (HIPAA) that can be viewed online and are always available in my office. These can be printed out, but do not need to be.

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Intake Forms

HIPAA Privacy Practices

Consent for Telemedicine