Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a system of structural acupressure that promotes greater health by aligning your body’s energy with your body’s structure (i.e. bones and ligaments). Considered at the leading edge of body/mind therapies, Zero Balancing incorporates Western scientific approaches to physical structure with Eastern concepts of energy and healing.  Zero Balancing is simple yet profoundly powerful.


In Zero Balancing the practitioner facilitates the release of held energy by applying fulcrums and traction. A fulcrum is acupressure into the bone at an area of resistance. When a fulcrum is applied, it can trigger the release of stagnant energy there and encourages energy flow through the body.

The bones contain the deepest and strongest currents of energy and hence attention is given to the skeleton in particular.

The resulting clearer, stronger fields of energy in the body/mind promote
•    the sense of wholeness and well being,
•    the reduction of physical and mental/emotional discomfort,
•    the ability to deal with life stresses and
•    the ability to be present and clear.

Sessions are deeply relaxing and are received on a treatment table, fully clothed, without the use of needles. Sessions last approximately 45 minutes.

Kelly is a certified Zero Balancing practitioner.

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