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Year of the Cat – Happy Chinese New Year 2023

It’s been wild ride these past few years – punctuated by the powerful yang energy of the year of the Tiger 2022. We are now sliding into the mellow yin energy of the water Rabbit, or as they say in Vietnam, the Year of the Cat. Since I spent some years in Vietnam, I got […]

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Xlear Nasal Spray available at Walgreens

I was at my local Walgreens checking out the nasal sprays and I was pleasantly surprised to see the Xlear nasal spray I mentioned in my recent newsletter Cold Season Medicine Cabinet. Xlear Nasal Spray is a strong natural antimicrobial with grapefruit seed extract – great for occasional use for exposure or for sinusitis. Always […]

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Turkey Liver Pate with Cranberries

Don’t throw away the Liver! Organ meat from pastured and wild animals is known to be some of the most healthful parts. Liver is a super-food. Liver contains significantly more vitamin A, all the Bs, iron… SIGNIFICANTLY more. You don’t need to eat a lot to get the value. Yet so many people, like me, […]

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Cold Season Medicine Cabinet

I’m thinking of you, hoping you are enjoying this glorious fall. I want to share with you my favorite combination of natural remedies that I like to have on hand for the cold and flu season. Early treatment boosts your body’s ability to fight the pathogenic invasion (virus), so symptoms resolve more quickly. Here are […]

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Acupuncture Plus & Acupuncture Delux

I have a lot of modalities to choose from and I love doing all the extra fun stuff – Zero Balancing (ZB), moxa, cupping, gua sha. Adding 15 or 30 minutes to a session allows me time to do some ZB or running cupping on your back, or whatever you need. Acupuncture                          $85      50-60 minutes […]

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LOVE over fear

Let’s fire up the love not fear. Feel good hormones or Love hormones – oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin – help ward off anxiety and depression, as well as support your immune system. They have the opposite effect of the fight, flight, freeze response. Fear, anxiety and worry increase cortisol, stress the adrenal gland and decrease immune […]

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I had COVID (better than a booster)

My whole family had COVID last month. We are grateful that it was so mild. Also grateful that I had many treatment options at my fingertips. I have been keeping up with what medical doctors and NDs have been doing to treat COVID, as well as continuing to study Chinese medicine, so I felt pretty […]

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Year of the Yang Water Tiger 2022

Happy Chinese New Year. Today is the first day of the lunar new year – it’s the year of the Yang Water Tiger. The Tiger is known for her power and courage, and is a natural leader who is careful and direct. The Yang Tiger energy is especially active, forward-moving, and brings momentum that can […]

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Health in the Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Winter is the season of the water element; fear is the emotion associated with the water element and winter. Manage fear and anxiety by connecting to the earth and bringing grounding qi into daily life. Flow beyond fear. Get outside and walk […]

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Oral-Nasal Virucidal Therapy

For prevention and early treatment of COVID and other viruses, one of the best things we can do is treat the area that the viruses come in and hang out: the nose and throat. Gargling is one way to get to the throat, while a spray will take care of the nose and behind, where […]

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