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Rolling Bale Farm – Custom Lamb Cuts available

Rolling Bale Farm is offering custom cuts of organic 100% grass fed lamb. We shared a whole lamb with a friend last year and it was delicious. They will be selling out, so get your order in now. Delivery is expected October – November. See the available cuts and price list. They will customize your […]

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2021 – Year of the Metal Ox

Happy Chinese New Year Legend has it that the Jade Emperor staged a race across China to determine the order of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. The determined Ox was in the first position, but the sneaky, resourceful Rat hitched a ride on Ox’s back. Ox swam across the river and as they […]

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Eating Well in the Year of the Ox

The Ox is an Earth animal according to the 5-element cycle of Chinese medicine. The Earth element relates to the Spleen/Stomach and digestion and assimilation of nutrients. In this cycle Earth generates Metal, which relates to the Lung and breathing. Focus on taking care of yourself by eating well and including breathing exercises or relaxed […]

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Nourishing Winter Cleanse

Any time of year can be a great time do a Nourishing Winter Cleanse to nourish your gut, immune system, blood stream and whole body while eating only the cleanest fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats, fish and bone broth. These healthful eating tips can be useful even if you are not up for a full […]

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Meal Planning for Nourishing Winter Cleanse

Meal planning On the weekend cook extra so you will have plenty in the fridge for lunch or dinner for the upcoming week. Here is an outline of what Roast chicken or Lamb Use bones to make bone broth Roasted mixed vegetables and/or roasted sweet potatoes

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Anti-inflammatory Diet, Nightshade family and Elimination Diet

Anti-inflammatory Diet The goal of an Anti-inflammatory diet is to reduce inflammation in your body by avoiding foods that increase the toxic load in your body. Inflammation potentially leads to health conditions from tendonitis to heart disease.  Avoid mainly: -       Sugar, specifically cane sugar -       Bad quality oils, specifically vegetable seed oils, such as vegetable […]

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Nutrition Resources

Here are some books and websites that I highly recommend if you would like to learn more about nutrition. I have utilized these resources in the past several years and they have only deepened the knowledge I gained during my undergraduate studies in Nutrition at Bastyr University in Seattle. Bad research, politics and crony capitalism […]

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Phu Cuoc Fish Sauce – the Good Stuff

The best fish sauce comes from Phu Cuoc Island, in the Gulf of Thailand on the west side of the very southern part of Vietnam. It is closer to Cambodia than it is to Vietnam and indeed it once was part of Cambodia before the French decided in the 1950′s to make it part of […]

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Fish Sauce Dipping Sauce – Nuoc Mam

Here’s how to make fish sauce dipping sauce, Nuoc Mam: 1-2 t honey or palm sugar 1 T hot or warm water – mix the honey or sugar until mostly dissolved Add 2 T good quality fish sauce 1 clove of garlic, smashed or minced and the juice of 1-2 limes. Add crushed or sliced […]

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Moxa Season – Time to Build Qi and Blood

3 February 2021 is the beginning of Spring Moxa Season, which lasts about 4 weeks, with the peak being Chinese Lunar New Year, which is Feb 12 this year. During this time the “Life Gate” is open and illness can invade more deeply than at other times of year. This is also the time when […]

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