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The Magical Mystery Soar part 3 – Free and Easy Wanderer

Yang naturally sprouts upward in the spring and that upward flow can get blocked creating stagnation. Help it flow smoothly by moving your body, being outside in nature and getting your creative juices flowing. Wood is the element related to spring and which is the beginning of the new cycle of life when yang emerges. […]

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Moxa Season and Moxa Heat Packs

As we head towards winter, one way to strengthen our Qi is with the use of moxibustion, which is the burning of the herb Artemesia vulgaris ( mugwort Ai Ye). November is fall moxa season, during which time moxa can penetrate more deeply than usual into the “Life Gate” or Ming Men (aka Lower Dan […]

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Belamcanda chinensis, She Gan

aka Leonard Lily and Blackberry Lily Belamcanda is bitter & cold and enters the Lungs. It clears heat and transforms phlegm. It is used for coughs and wheezing with phlegm obstruction, and for sore throat with swelling and painful obstruction in the throat. It breaks up clumps to drain heat. This is only used short […]

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Magnolia Flower – Xin Yi Hua

Magnolia Flower bud – Xin Yi Hua – Flos Magnoliae Liliflorae properties: acrid, slightly warm channels entered: Lung Expels wind and opens the nasal passages: used for nasal obstruction or congestion, sinus problems, and related headaches. My Magnolia flowers just opened up today! Note: there are over 100 Magnolia varieties, and many don’t grow this […]

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Kuan Dong Hua – Coltsfoot

Kuan Dong Hua – Flos Tussilago farfara – Coltsfoot properties: acrid warm channels entered: Lung Redirects the Qi downward and stops cough: used commonly for cough and wheezing from many different etiologies. Use with caution for any cough with a Heat condition.   I was hiking near Camel’s Hump the other day and found lots […]

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Cold Season Medicine Cabinet

I’m thinking of you, hoping you are enjoying this glorious fall. I want to share with you my favorite combination of natural remedies that I like to have on hand for the cold and flu season. Early treatment boosts your body’s ability to fight the pathogenic invasion (virus), so symptoms resolve more quickly. Here are […]

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Acupuncture Plus & Acupuncture Delux

I have a lot of modalities to choose from and I love doing all the extra fun stuff – Zero Balancing (ZB), moxa, cupping, gua sha. Adding 15 or 30 minutes to a session allows me time to do some ZB or running cupping on your back, or whatever you need. Acupuncture                          $85      50-60 minutes […]

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White Tiger Decoction

Powerful and graceful White Tiger Decoction treats what is known in Chinese medicine as the 4 bigs – big fever, big thirst, big sweat, big pulse – and has its place in the Chinese medicine dispensary as an important emergency formula. Apropos for 2022 – the Year of the Tiger. Gypsum, the main ingredient, is […]

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Cinnamon Twig Formula

Cinnamon Twig Formula, Gui Zhi Tang, is a commonly used formula that is useful for the very initial stages of a cold or flu when there may be mild symptoms such as sneezing, aversion to cold and wind, mild sweating, feeling feverish, lack of thirst or headache. It treats exterior wind cold and harmonizes the […]

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Moxa Season – Time to Build Qi and Blood

3 February 2021 is the beginning of Spring Moxa Season, which lasts about 4 weeks, with the peak being Chinese Lunar New Year, which is Feb 12 this year. During this time the “Life Gate” is open and illness can invade more deeply than at other times of year. This is also the time when […]

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