2021 – Year of the Metal Ox

Happy Chinese New Year

Legend has it that the Jade Emperor staged a race across China to determine the order of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. The determined Ox was in the first position, but the sneaky, resourceful Rat hitched a ride on Ox’s back. Ox swam across the river and as they approached the other side, the Rat hopped off Ox’s back onto the bank winning first place, and leaving the Ox as number two.

JPG-Year-Of-The-Ox-2021-8x102020 feels like a year that was hijacked, like the Rat hijacked the Ox. The 12th of February 2021 brings the energy of the Ox  – the Ox is an Earth element animal and 2021 is a Metal year.

The Ox is known for being patient, stubborn, hard-working and deliberate, yet flexible. The image of the Ox slowly plowing the fields is representative of the Ox energy. We can deliberately make a clean slate for ourselves and start fresh.

This Metal Ox year we will want to find balanced between hard work and determination – and – rest and rejuvenation. We need to be flexible and go with the flow, while also being persistent and patient as we work towards our goals little by little. Build stamina but don’t burn yourself out.

Cooperation and communication are important this year. Pause, listen, observe. Pay attention. This includes listening to your own voice and intuition.

Ox years:  2021   2009   1997   1985   1973   1961   1949   1937   1925   1913

Goals and Intentions for the Year of the Ox

Plant your seeds (intentions), work the soil a little each week, be patient, and see what grows and is ready for harvest by the end of the year. Be choosy about what you sow, so as to keep it manageable.

Plant some seeds for your own self-care. If your goal is to improve your health, exercise routine or diet, take it slow and make it sustainable.

Read about Eating Well in the Year of the Ox

Slow and steady wins the race this year!

Wishing you rewarding 2021 and good health, happiness and prosperity for you and your family.

Let’s go 2021!





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