Chinese Herbal Medicine for Immunity and COVID-19 Coronavirus PART I

I am writing to let you know a few things with regards to COVID-19 and my practice.

Firstly, I have Chinese herbal formulas that treat colds and flus as well as herbs for the immune system. I have stocked up on Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian, which is a formula that is commonly used for the onset of a cold/flu. Yin Qiao San is the base formula that was developed 150 years ago as a treatment for epidemic heat ailments (i.e. influenza and the like) – the version I ordered has extra herbs added that are known to have strong anti-microbial and anti-viral effects. Yin Qiao San is a great formula to have in the medicine cabinet for the early stages of a cold/flu. This version is extra strong and it is my go-to now with the Corona virus circulating.

I also have other formulas that would be appropriate at the early stages of a cold/flu as well as formulas for mid and late stages of respiratory illness and cough.

In addition, I have formulas that are helpful for bolstering the immune system when you are not sick. I have some formulas in tablet form, as well as my herb dispensary, which I can use to customize a loose or powdered herb formula for you. The very best way to bolster your immune system is to treat according to your system’s weaknesses or imbalances, with a focus on adding herbs to strengthen your “exterior.” If I have seen you as a patient in the past, I have insights into your constitution. Acupuncture also can help.

My practice will remain open for the time being, but I am being extra cautious and ask that you don’t come if you have any cold symptoms. I am being fastidious about cleanliness around the office as well, but stay home if you feel better with that.

For people who are sick and would like herbs, we can have a phone conversation and I can make herbs that can either be picked up from my porch, or potentially dropped off for you.

Protect your health by getting plenty of sleep, avoiding sugar and alcohol, and eating soups with chicken or beef broth – or just drinking the broth straight. Broths made from bones are great for the immune system, which starts in the stomach.

Please call or email me if you have any questions at all.

Be well!

PS Below is a post from last year about making soup. Enjoy!

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