October Full-Moon Friday Shonishin Clinic

IMG_1479Friday, October 17

10:00– 11:30 am

3:00 – 4:30 pm

Shonishin is an energy-balancing treatment designed for babies and kids. We use special tools to brush and tap the skin, which strengthens constitution and alleviates a number of childhood conditions (digestive issues, skin rash, enhance immune system, etc.).

This is a walk-in clinic. In October, we’re adding morning hours 10:00-11:30 to our usual afternoon hours 3:00-4:30. Sessions last about 15 minutes. We encourage a donation of $5 – $25. Please RSVP.

Shonishin also available by appointment.

Children respond quickly to subtle treatments. Taken monthly, they can make a big difference in the health of a child. We recommend weekly treatment for children with specific health concerns.

The last two Full-Moon Friday Shonishin Clinics in 2014:

Friday, November 14  and  Friday, December 12



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